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While we are best-known for our ability to buy and sell used cars and our excellent collision repair service, our 24-hour towing service is not to be forgotten. No matter where you are in Southern New York state, or what time of day or night it is, we’ll come pick you up.

There are few things worse than getting in an accident, having your automobile break down when you need it the most, or experiencing that at a time or place that is entirely inconvenient. That’s why it’s so important to have a reliable towing service at your call. And if you live or work in Southern New York state, that reliable service provider is Interstate Auto Truck Sales.

Towing a vehicle

We’ll take care of the rest

One of the many reasons we stand head and shoulders above other towing services you may find in the region is that we can help you through what comes next. With our collision repair service, insurance claims aid, and paint and body work service, we can get your car back in road-worthy condition if you’ve been in an accident or if it’s simply broken down on you.

And if the problem is beyond repair, we also buy and sell used cars. Your perfect replacement vehicle may be sitting on our lot right now!

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Call us at 845-866-2092 to find out how Interstate can meet your auto needs, whether it be buying or selling a used car, collision repair, insurance claims, or even paint and body work.